Day 85 - Fender Play

Fender Play is a superb instructional tool that teaches someone how to play stringed musical instruments. It's a masterpiece in clarity, progression, pace, lesson construction, and visual aesthetics. It is a grade-A example of how digital instruction should be carried out. By extension, it provides a shocking reminder of the horrors of lesser forms of online instruction. To be fair, teaching an engineering course is more complicated than teaching scales, some chords, some songs, and so forth. But sweet jesus, how much does today's student have to suffer without their awareness of other (likely cheaper options)? How much do some universities and programs thrive on people's ignorance of better options? Now might be a good time for people to do some deep exploration into alternative forms of online learning. Put Netflix and Twitter aside for a little bit, think about something you want to learn, and find a free or reasonably-priced source of education. Some examples are Khan Academy, Great Courses Plus, and Skillshare. They are fairly wonderful. Could change your life in very important ways. 

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