Day 86 - Never trust a show or movie with time travel

In a television show or a movie, time travel provides a quick and easy back door whenever producers/writers/directors need an escape from structure, trajectory, and clean construction of a storyline. Take Umbrella Academy...again. Nothing matters in this show. No event or outcome carries any weight, as time travel changes everything in the last second. Is this a device for the writers and directors? Do they need to go back in time because they can't figure out how to finish the story? Is the original source material just as bad? Why does this show exist? The aesthetics are nice. The acting is very good. Each episode is watchable, in itself. But taken as an entire season...jesus christ. It's just poison. The same applies to X-Men Days of Future Past. Why. Why does this nonsense exist? Time travel is just a device used to abandon a storyline. Why commit such a crime? To recycle and recharge the audience's feeling of suspense. Instead of a single climax, time travel automatically creates ten or twenty. Stories delivered in smaller and more intense doses, with lots of physical action and intellectual wanking; two sides of the same coin. Time travel, presented literally, is an abomination. Non-linear storytelling (time travel figuratively...See Pulp Fiction) is a difficult means of telling a story, maintaining multiple trajectories that travel parallel but along intersecting paths. But time travel. Actual time travel? Outside of schlocky kitschy shows like Dr. Who and Star Trek, time travel is an awful awful plot device. Shame. SHaaaaaaame.  

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