Day 87 - Medium

Medium is a blogging platform. It's much like social media, but focuses on long-form writing in the form of blog posts. It's a nice idea. It gives people an outlet for writing, it provides access to massive amounts of content (some from skilled writers and experts), and the UI is excellent. The main problem with Medium is the feed. If you subscribe to a certain topic, it's difficult to filter out....Oh who gives a fuck. Medium is fine and people should use it if they like. Same goes for every other product. Pick something, use it to its full potential, and let go of it if/when you outgrow it. Use something like Ulysses to write a novel. Use Google Docs if it tickles your fancy. Is there too much product comparison? Yes, if you consider the question through the lens of another whiny question: Do we consume too much and become socially distant and...? No, if you consider the question through a funner lense: All these comparisons amount to people creating their own jobs as writers, editors, content whatevers, and so on. They make money. They buy things. Some of those things catch on fire and burn down buildings, and now firemen have jobs. It's all part of a beautiful cycle of creation and consumption. Also, why not say "lazy" consumption instead of "over" consumption. Is it too much if everything you consume is just a superb product? Don't consume garbage. Demand quality, make sure tech reviewers are good writers and talkers, and think about how these normal people created their own jobs doing what they appear to love doing. Figure it out. Stop being a cranky little wank stain. Also, Medium is fine. 

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