Day 88 - Meditation Script #7

Take your seat. Close your eyes. Think about the last thing that you ate. Think about the last thing that you drank. Think about the last thing you thought right before going to bed seventeen nights ago. And now just relax. Think about the face of your favorite animal. It's a gorilla. It has an iPad. It can't decide whether it was a wise purchase or whether a Chromebook would have been a better option. Gorilla is angry at its thoughts. And now open your eyes. Focus on an object. Stare into the object and pretend you invented it. Where's the patent money? Is it already in your bank account? You doubt this but remember that it's important to stay positive. Now close your eyes again. Think about another invention. One that could make you millions. Have you already forgotten about the gorilla? Shame one you. Take your guilt and sit with it for the rest of the day. 

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