Day 89 - The Covid Times

When we finally get a handle on this monster, what's going to fill the vacuum in the media? The usual array of information? New patterns of information? Perhaps a rise in virus news ("Could this be the new covid-19?"). The conspiracy theories are going to be (already are) magical. Will the news make as much time for celebrities? Yes, those adept enough to construct the appropriate attention-getting strategies will do well. Gal Gadot and friends did not do well. Microsoft is doing well because everyone is trapped with Windows computers. More viruses. Overall, not much will change, but the media landscape should have a different flavor. Those formerly in their hay-day of attention-getting will clamor to regain some social status. Some will succeed. This covid mess is a real tragedy, an amoral monster. But when the tragedy fades, media will return to normal, for better and worse. Internet marketing will continue to be a mirror. Oh god. Late night talk shows. What are they doing? Anything? How will they bounce back? That will be the place to look: Archaic formats in the media. How are they going to adapt? Hopefully, they will not. 

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