Day 90 - Kraftwerk Autobahn

Kraftwerk's Autobahn is an unbelievable effort for 1974. The album stands the test of time; passed it with ease. It's jolly at times, dark at others, overall a well-balanced frivolous little reflection on urban life and keeping pace with new speeds. Not even a reflection. Just an expression by a couple of folks embracing new technology and applying it to artistic efforts. Optimism. We could use a bit more of that today. Most of the discourse around technology has a frantic tone to it. Major concerns are privacy, security, the evils of amoral hackers (attacking people trying to work from home...jesus christ), and the latest and greatest ("will Apple be able to release the iPhone 9 in time?"). It's a lot of rabbit-hole mind-fuckery that keeps a lot of writers employed. And that is just fine and dandy. The gods of entertainment have all sorts of minions and soldiers and we should be proud to be among their ranks.    

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