Day 93 - Rats

National Geographic reports (April 3): Urban lockdowns have caused a reduction in trash, so rats are coming "out of hiding" to search for food. These poor little bastards. Another "rat problem". Another monster to defeat. It's like a video game. We're problem-solving through levels, working our way to another boss. Repeat until the game is over. One of the bosses is a swarm of bees: Social media. The goal: don't let the buzzing drive you insane. Turn off until your brain is cleansed. 

National Geographic also reports that carbon emissions have been dropping due to coronavirus. Prediction: There will be a rise in discourse about how terrible humans are, as evidenced by the benefits of our absence from the outside world. Some will make salient points. Others will have brains paralyzed by cynicism (as they always are, even in the best of times). Every time something important happens, we see every possible opinion on every possible matter. Twitter. Another boss.  

Drink lots of water. Follow a healthy diet. Be nice to your brain. 

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