Day 96 - You can't always have the nicest version

Life can be an asshole. Time can be very limited. So you can't always get the nicest version of something you want or need. You might need to eat faster than you would like to, or eat something other than your top choice. You might even have to feel hungry. We need to know when to think about other people's situations and be thankful for what we have. Be agile and be ready at all times to use that understanding as a tool. Getting upset and complaining is an absurdity, a capitulation to our own fragilities. It's inconsiderate nonsense and we need to recognize it when it arises. Otherwise we're victims. Of our own minds and the tightness in our chest and hearts. Now is a good time to practice this. Start by listening to the words of David Goggins. Listen to what he says and especially how he says it. And be patient with your loved ones. They are fucking lunatics. 

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