There are no rhymes or reasons for the following. Enjoy it or deplore it. Whatever way you wore it, deploy it.


Esmé Weijun Wang • 汪蔚君
Good morning.
May we be safe.
May we remember
that we are not alone.
May we find
companionship in our
loves, in books,
in beautiful sentences. May we find solace
in our own beating hearts.
Eyes up. Let's go.

the kirk@the kirkyard
...Bad morning.
There is no safety in numbers.
May I forget
that I am alone.
May I lose
all or nothing
to be atoned.

This from wordsofwomen on instagram...

“There’s a ton you can get in life if you’re willing to submit yourself to the mortifying horror of asking for it.”


As we are perfecting Artificial Intelligence beings at what point will we stop using the word "artificial" When those beings do something we have programmed them not to do? Akin to eating the fruit of the tree and becoming self-aware? Our engineer/creators will be so proud we have entered their profession. What name will we be called by our "creation" as a sign of respect and worship? Sapien? The Human? How about "Be"?


God damn America.

There. I said it.

But it carries no power when you are an agnostic atheist. So...

May their God, and their belief in that God, damn America.

(I think we can see that that oath is more than half-way there.)

I am unsubscribing from a shitload of newsletters. Newsletters that have the answers on how I can be as cute as they are. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. Now, that's too cute.

I played solitaire for 3 or 4 hours straight last night. Does that make me a gamer if I didn't kill anyone except myself?

There are books to teach you how to have "Disruptive Thinking"? Seriously? I come by it naturally. Every waking moment.

Podcasts. Fishing for alien incubators.


And eat some carbs. It won't kill ya...

"Lots of anxiety and dread out there. I hope y’all are taking care of yourselves. Keeping it on the one and all. Things that have been working for me, other than drawing: no phone in the morning, taking lots of walks, re-reading favorite books, playing music, voting early and avoiding the news as much as possible, making art with my little dudes, cheerful retrospection in my diary, and not thinking about my life after dinner. (And don’t forget to wash those hands!)"

The only interesting people in the world, truly interesting at a molecular level, are people who suffer.

Words I want to repeat over and over today...


I take an anti-psychotic. Donald Trump negates any positive effect.
He is the anti anti-psychotic. We are all psychotic.

I wish there was only a one hour period, at most, that the news was reported, posted, or broadcast. Fuck breaking news.



Changed my mind. Carbs will kill you. I'm stupefied by cheese puffs.

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