I'm A Cumberbitch.

What I have been doing this morning...

(I love those three dots. My favorite punctuation, besides three asterisks.)

Slept in because my car is in the shop after shredding a belt. I am not part of the demographic that owns 2 or 3 vehicles. Still haven't heard from shop over what needs to be done.

Had two cups (Actually mugs. I wish we would stop referring to mugs as cups.) of the world's best coffee. Peet's Major Dickason Blend.

Laid in bed and listened to binaural music and played computer solitaire. I'm still at 10% winning. Working to get to 11.

Decided that a glass of chardonnay might be appropriate at 10:25. Delicious.

Was thrilled with email from Letters of Note. https://news.lettersofnote.com/p/do

Loved it. Loved it even more by watching Benedict Cumberbatch read it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnSMIgsPj5M

Amazing. He should receive a lifetime achievement award for reading. I'm going to read this and watch this at least once a week.

I am officially a Benedict Cumberbitch.

Fuck the world!

Let everything go to hell.

...and feel better.

These are some of the tweets on my Twitter feed this morning...

"$ETH above 3k by end April. Period.

Falling but it felt like flying

Goodnight simulation participants.

How’s your day going? I just got a flat tire while at the dentist.

"Holy" ≠ morally good

Want to quit Facebook for good? These apps can help..."

...(I quit in 2016. Am I better for it? Not to the facebook whores. They are the good true news. In their mind.)

I feel so enlightened by reading Twitter.

No poem today. Maybe later...

And as always...

More later. There's always more later.

P.S. Love love the new look of Listed!

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