Truth about emotions

Change your perspective.

See emotions for what they are. A reaction to a situation inside or outside of your head. You cannot do anything else or do more than react. This is not where the judgment of good and bad lies. That is a fact and is neutral. Just like a tree that grows and stands there, judging neither good nor bad. This is a part of life that you don’t need to be ashamed of and that you shouldn’t try hard to control.

By this, I do not mean to throw all principles of self-control overboard, but to refrain from isolation from life itself, which is determined by a very limited perspective, driven action and hasty judgment.

Life has a lot to offer if we let it.

The best way to part with life is to misunderstand the cause and function of your emotions. The reaction to instinctively numb one’s senses and thus input devices for one’s inner being, does not lead to a desirable result in the long term. You get into the wheel of repression, with the aim of blocking out everything that is perceived as negative. In this attempt, however, the good is also unconsciously faded out, because the sensory acuity, which is necessary to recognize this, is not given here.

Our minds are perfect at tormenting ourselves with thoughts and triggering corresponding states of mind, which are characterized by drastic emotions.You feel pain, tension, pressure, stress, drivenness, tiredness, hopelessness, judgment, frustration, anger, hatred, indolence, laziness, fear, dissatisfaction. In these, you lose the perspective and the fact that you just as much enjoy joy, love, security, curiosity, serenity, peace, courage, friendliness, empathy, anticipation, respect, honor, dignity, recognition, gratitude, silence, contentment, calm and holiness.

Instead of accepting the full spectrum of our humanity in gratitude and to honor God, we confuse this with the substance of life and give emotions a status that can be described as unrealistic and that they do not deserve. With this limiting horizon as a result, we run away with fear of negative emotions and thus miss the meaning of our life.

One exit option is to switch from a worldly to a heavenly perspective. This means recognizing and accepting God’s view about your own life, its meaning and value. This way you reach the core of your existence, dive to the deepest point of your being. A place where you cannot see God with the eyes of the mind, but see him with the eyes of faith, which are in your heart and not in your brain. You recognize emotions, thoughts and achievements in this world as ephemeral and quickly reversible, with which you give them a new and truthful value.

They do not represent the substance of your life, but rather serve you as an aid to do good. A useful tool to glorify God your Creator, who thought you up personally as his likeness. Loving you as a person, perfectly created with eternal intention, endowed with all the qualities and gifts to discover life in this world in its fullness, for you to enjoy.

Have a good one!