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2019-05-13 Powerpointing should be a verb and require a license

Dear friends,

As a conservative estimate I am exposed to around 2 hours of Powerpoint a week. This varies from weeks where I see zero Powerpoint, to conferences or meetings with up to 8 hours of Powerpoint a day. So during my career I reckon I have watched around 1680 hours of powerpoint. That's a lot of slides. You need 10,000 hours of something before you become an expert. So I'm about 16% expert on watching Powerpoint. Oh the joy!

How has this not become a verb? A bit like "Googling" which is of course a term we all use for searching the web. "Powerpointing" should be the verb for presenting slides. "Good luck with your Powerpointing today..." or, "Did you see Mark's Powerpointing today, it was awesome...".You get the idea. I might try using this and see if it catches on. You heard it here first.

Another thing, with probably billions of hours and dollars wasted in employees sitting through mind numbing Powerpoints. There should be a license to Powerpoint. All Powerpointers should obtain a Class B license to be able to present internally, say in groups of up to 10 people. Class A licenses are required for public Powerpointing or groups of 10+ people.

A final thought, Microsoft are missing a trick. With all this Powerpointing going on in pretty much every business on the planet, can you imagine how much a cheeky little banner ad would be worth?

Cheers and all the best,

More musings for day five of my writing challenge. Hopefully, this injected a bit of humour into your day. You can now proceed to your nearest Powerepointing room for your next meeting.

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