This Bloo Me Away

Bloo is a simple and easy to use Project management App. It tries to target the niche of Non-Tech Savvy clients and clients who want a Solution which is minimalistic but has the core functions. Bloo has the core function required by a Project Management App such as Kanban Board, To-Dos, Discussions, File Sharing and Storage, Tags and Calendar. The filters are strong allowing you to filter by tags, Projects, Due Dates and Assignees. The storage is Unlimited with a 5 GB Limit. However, a point to note is that Cold Data storage is used.


Another unique feature of Bloo is Automatons which are pretty useful reducing some repetitive and manual work. Further more the Road Map is great too and the product is regularly updated.

The design is fantastic and minimalistic. Dark Mode Warriors do not fret. Bloo has Dark Mode too. Bloo has a really good-looking and Functional Mobile App too which a lot of Project Management Apps do not have now days. The Best part is the founders have a great sense of humor too and are Rick Rolling people.


Bloo has relatively inexpensive pricing compared to other project management apps too.

Overall Bloo is a good Project Management app if you have frequent Non-Tech clients or need a good-looking minimalistic project management app which is not too feature rich. If it constantly improves it will be able to replace industry giants such as Clickup in the future.