2020-02-03 I'm not in China anymore

I am back in my home country since December. I hope my colleagues in Shanghai are okay though.

The past six months in China felt "so surreal", as my roommate puts it. When I reached Singapore and tried to recall the events I had in China, it didn't feel like it happened. And within a day my previous habits and rhythm was back, like being in China didn't change me at all.

Have to say I'm super glad I came back before 2019-nCoV broke out.

The next batch of students from my university that's supposed to go to China have had their program postponed until further notice. They can't come back to school normally and join us in the classes because they've missed the timetable-making period and almost three weeks of classes. They also can't apply to other overseas program because it's too late to get the paperwork done on time as the semester's started.

They might need to graduate later if they apply for Leave of Absence for the semester. But better late one semester or a year in your life than to contract a virus that currently has no cure, I guess. It must suck.

Stay safe.

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