2019-02-04 15:58

Can you tolerate spoilers?

At what point is something someone said considered a spoiler?

I can't tolerate them.

Years ago, I loved spoilers. They saved me time from watching TV series, finish reading books, watching anime, etc, etc.

Then, I met a friend who can't tolerate spoilers. Their hatred for it rubbed onto me and now I can't take them... 哦买噶自从那时就有点狠自己了。

Now, what "level" of tolerable spoilers are there?
1. Some people enjoy knowing anything and everything about a story they are or were into.
2. Some people do not want to know about any character's death or any major plot points.
3. Some people do not want to know what will happen in the story in the future, at all. <- I'm here most of the time.
4. Some people don't even want to know what the consumer is supposed to feel. <- I'm here, for major plotlines.

The stance is that when you get into a story and experience all the ups and downs, twists and turns without knowing what will happen beforehand, the feelings you get are just so much more free and unbiased and intense.

When you know something is going to happen in a story, I feel that our brain just sorts of braces itself for the plot point. The feeling becomes dulled. If someone says a particular story will make you cry a lot, the expectation for feelings that invoke tears will be there. It totally ruins it....!!!!

So, no spoilers please. Nor from me unless requested. Don't tell me about how you feel about a book, movie, anime, comic, etc!! Just tell me the genre and perhaps only the summary of the first chapter/episode or the first few paragraphs. Tell me about the genre, but not when it's a part of a major plot point. I am very sorry, but they just take away the fun from enjoying any story...

For games with stories, don't tell me how many chapters there are (maybe for books too?). Only disclose the rough amount, okay?! Like, "'I Shall Seal The Heavens' has more than a thousand chapters." Mostly for games only, though, as their chapter numbers sometimes betray a lot about the pacing of the story (like Yakuza 0 & FFXV).

It's a very sad thing though. One can't help but feel that people who abhor spoilers are party-poopers, wet-blankets.

However, I can say with confidence that not having spoilers and being able to enjoy the full story with no influence in the emotions is a truly wonderful feeling. Provided it's a good story.

So, what about you? Lemme know your opinion in the guestbook if you're willing!

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