Tired, fun, dilemma

2019-02-10 23:11

Tiring, tiring, but fun day.

Chatted lots with my girlfriends after so long. We exhanged valentine chocolates. Had an enjoyable meal at Salmon Samurai, with my usual choice. $12.90.

Salmon Samurai with Mentaiko Topping

We went to Tom N Toms Coffee for a break. Only $5.80. We had red velvet cake after since we wolfed down this one. Cake was $5.


Am torn between continuing my Japanese classes or stopping it to focus on Chinese and to save up the money for my school exchange.

Reasons to continue:

  • recap of Japanese knowledge
  • get used to reading passages
  • get corrected for pronunciation
  • learn to present in Japanese
  • forces me to at least touch Japanese on a weekly basis
  • the teacher is good

Reasons to stop:

  • save money for exchange/overseas internship
  • can save 3hrs+ of transport to and fro class location
  • can use the time for homework and classes to focus on schoolwork and improving Chinese
  • can self-study Japanese on my own pace
  • money saved from classes could also be used to buy own materials for Japanese, such as keigo books, grammar books, N1 books
  • the grammar and vocabulary sections from Tobira that’s used in the Japanese classes are those that I already know of

What should I do?

I’m thinking next lesson I’ll think about it again and let the teacher know soon after that, so he can open up the slot for interested students. Feels really bad that I’ll be making him lose a student and also since for an ongoing class it is hard to get new students… It’s like taking away the teacher’s income due to my poor planning :c

Update!: I’ll continue the classes.

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