2019-09-20 Not for me

Today's a shitty day like any other and I can't wait for work to end so I can meet my friends and eat with them at this restaurant they found that sells my home country's food, and then get out of Shanghai tomorrow on first class train seats to escape people and the place.

My intern company sucks bad; not only do they not give you much for the pay but the work culture is boring. My internship experience back home was way better and my ex-colleagues were way nicer.

SmartShanghai is the commonly recommended site for things related to Shanghai and I feel there's good reason behind it.

My pay is just a measely <USD7 a day here, while at SmartShanghai they offer close to USD423 for just working 24 hours in total per week, across four working days in one week. That's already more than my pay in one intern firm I worked at back home. I won't work there of course, nor will they pick me as someone with such a negative attitude, and journalism in China is definitely not for me.

But, I like the tone of their articles more. Perhaps it's just the writers' skills compared to the ones we have here. Though I have to say one editor's writing suits my taste a tad more among the three that I've read.

The guy who always brings us interns for lunch is okay. But he avoids answering things that doesn't concern him or work, and I freaking hate this kind of behaviour. Show some compassion, freak.

Now on to the bad things about Shanghai in general.

The people here, not just local Shanghainese, have no morals and are absolutely selfish. They tend to stop walking in the middle of the pathway for selfish reasons. Why can't they move aside first before stopping to do whatever shit they want to do? Also, spitting is so common that walking near middle-aged uncles is a risk.

And the smells. Oh my god, the smells. There's two places I've ranked as the smelliest in Shanghai that I have to be at throughout my daily life here: toilets and lifts. The MRT here can almost make the list, but lifts are just a notch worse since there's usually no fans and you're stuck in a metal box of sweat and other body odours on the way home or out of house. Great way to start and end a fun trip or your day. Toilets are without tissues, but sometimes they sell them. But no matter how clean they appear, pee smells just attacks the nose once you step near any cubicle five to ten metres. Just avoid the public toilets. Mall toilets can be bad, but posh ones are still okay.

The good things in China are 5% its people and 95% other stuff like convenience from e-payments, scenery, and maybe the weather, but that's like something you can get in any non-tropical country. I'm missing out a lot here so this is most definitely biased. I don't even get Chinese holidays at this company. HELLO, WHERE ARE MY HUMAN RIGHTS?

I'd stay away from China in the future as I feel it's not for me. Especially working here. Never.

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