2019-09-27 Psycho-Past

Our manager and colleague, which I shall label as A, went "psycho" yesterday (quoted from a colleague).

We have a colleague who's newly joined, let's call her F, who's not supposed to work on Thursday and Friday.

But on Monday, F was given a project that's to be done by Friday. Nobody said anything about this, but it's not supposed to happen.

On Thursday, our editor A asked where tf F was since it's a working day, but F was having classes at a school. Another colleague, B, told A that F wasn't suppose to come on Thursdays and Fridays. Then A asked about the progress of the project that's due friday, which B again said F could have school (which was true) and might be busy to work on it. A then said, "But the thing's due Friday" like she doesn't care about F's schedule and work-life balance at all.

It was Mid-Autumn soon, so it was supposed to be a holiday for all Chinese. But not for us, since we're supposed to follow the people above us in rank and they wanted to follow the American holiday. What could I do other than suck it up? But then, my manager and my seniors (who used to work here last time) suggested for meto request if I could work from home, which should be fine based on their experience, so I asked A.

"Friday is a regular working day", said A.

Oh well, I thought.

-Mid-Autumn morning-

I woke up all tired, which was my fault for sleeping late as my roomies all didn't have to work the next day, so we talked all night.

Packed everything, poured three packs of instant coffee into my thermal flask, then was wearing my socks about to leave the house. My roomies were wishing me luck at work, watching me prepare to leave.

Then, a text message arrived.

A said, (paraphrased) "The office's pretty empty so feel free to work from home."

flips table

What the freak.

"A's leadership is so good, it depends on A's mood," said B, when I told B and another colleague about this.

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