2019-10-24 Transport in Shanghai

One of the biggest reason I don't see myself coming back to Shanghai for work is due to the public transport. Or more specifically, the metro.

Shanghai has so many people. But even so, their culture around it makes it worse. The people have no personal space, nor do they respect others' need for it.

In Singapore, when everyone is inside the train and it's packed, people stop squeezing. No one needs to touch another, nor do we want to. Here at Shanghai, who the fuck cares whether you're male or female. "I want in on this train, and don't tell me to wait a few more minutes for the next one that's potentially gonna be less crowded. NO." proceeds to push like a madman, like a horde of hungry zombies are about to get them so they need to get on to escape

Being like a sardine in a can isn't fun, especially not when people smell.

Worse, my colleague has met a pervert masturbating while staring at her, himself stuck right behind two unsuspecting people. In Singapore, this has close to 0 chance of happening, because PEOPLE DON'T FUCKING SQUEEZE SO TIGHTLY TOGETHER IN THE TRAIN, hiding most things below the chest from view.


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