2019-10-25 Work and Study (China) by NTU

The Work & Study Program (China) from my University is a trap.

Students with no allowance can get S$1,500 extra (approx 7~8k RMB).

For me, who's getting paid 968RMB a month, is only getting 4,840RMB in total after 5 months.

So I'm getting even less money than my peers who's unpaid.

And one of my unpaid peers is actually being paid, just not through the contract.

What the fuck.

Fuck you school.

Fuck you for not trying to help at all.

It's all about the money. And the fair treatment.

Some of us are only getting money through reimbursements for food and transport. Isn't that even worse? And CfuckingAO doesn't appear helpful from their responses.

To those who are interested in joining this Work & Study Program (China), please rethink. Unless you have no money issues AT ALL, don't go.

You pay is also deducted by 20% for tax, which you'll have no hope of getting back from, unlike foreigners who go to Singapore to work. At least they can still withdraw from their CPF after 55 years old. Here, your 20% is gone, forever (from what I know).

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