2019-11-01 Things you'll only know if you work and live in Shanghai

Disclaimer: these are all very subjective and could contain my full bias towards the country and its people.

  1. Chinese people have no sense of personal space

  2. It's possible to stay at home forever, with the amount and variety of services available online

  3. The peak period for work is around 8am to 11am

  4. If it's crowded and you don't push when entering the train, prepare to be pushed

  5. People spit everywhere

  6. People talk everywhere

  7. Cutting queues is a very common thing and the Chinese seem oblivious to stares

  8. The food can be really cheap to just about the same as in Singapore

  9. Travelling is convenient because you just need services like Ctrip to book everything

  10. Losing your train ticket for 高铁 (bullet train) as a foreigner is fine, just show your passport and have a receipt of the booking

  11. Security checks are everywhere

  12. There's no toilet papers in public toilets most of the time (except in malls)

  13. People wear branded goods, especially bags

  14. Concert tickets here are generally cheap compared to in Singapore

  15. People (housing estate agents) like to advertise houses in front of apartments

  16. 争先恐后 zheng1 xian1 kong3 hou4, meaning strive to be the first and fear being left behind, seems to be part of their culture here

  17. Shanghai can get boring easily if you can't drink or smoke and don't like shopping

  18. Taobao or any other online shopping platforms are probably your most reliable shopping companion

  19. Buying food from Eleme (lit. Hungry?) is cheaper than going outside to eat the same food

  20. There's rubbish sorting into 4 categories: wet trash, dry trash, toxic trash, and recyclable items

  21. Scams on the streets are common

  22. Cars need to manually pay for car park fees, unlike in Singapore where there's a scanner for your In-Vehicle Unit, which is part of the Integrated Automated Car Park Barrier System where entering and exiting car parks doesn't need us to lift a finger for payments

  23. Convenience store food's standard isn't as high as Japan's

  24. Squat toilets are too common for a developed city

  25. Toilets smell extremely bad here, unlike in Korea where even the metro toilets don't smell

  26. Broken toilet doors and locks and toilets with shits inside unflushed are very common (for female toilets anyway)

  27. Scanning QR codes on tables to order food is the norm

  28. Do your resident permit ASAP, or be in trouble

  29. AirBnB spells trouble for foreigners because most landlords won't do the residence permit registration for you or are unlicensed to do so

  30. Chinese food are freaking oily

  31. Taco Bells here is amazing

  32. There's membership for everything, just access them through your phone's WeChat

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