Cate le Bon's Home. The song and the video.

Someday I'll understand why the song resonates with me so much.

Home to you

Is a neighborhood in the night kitchen

Home to you

Is atrocity in the town

Home to you

Is an impasse under hallway ceilings

Home to you

I'm a cross hair, stubborn, dream loving

It's not a positive song so much. There's a cryptic darkness to it. But it rings true about the feeling of "home" -- sad, comfortable, known.

For reasons unclear to me I've run from the concept of "home" my whole life. On the surface, I've built stability and domesticity. But underneath, I've always brimmed with the urge to escape -- to move far away, to experience something new again and again. But lately I've worked to accept the world as it is around me, to embrace it, to love it. And the more I do this, the more at peace I am. That's what this song helps me understand.

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