100 DoMA (flyscreens)

Fly screams, more like it.

How hard should it be? Flyscreens are an indispensable part of the life in Australia. It's indispensable, in the sense that, if you have a screen with holes, your life might as well be over.

We have a few holely flyscreens.

Pulling out the old spline (yep, a thick plastic ropey material, stuffed around the frame) and screen mesh is easy and satisfying enough. Washing the frame, even more so.

Setting the new mesh over the frame is where the problems seem to begin. The screen moves about and isn't taut. This leads to sagging.

Problems ensue with the insertion of the new spline, which has a predilection to lumpiness. A little roller (envisage, a small wheel on a knife) helps with this.

After the screen and spline are inserted, there's a little consolation in the satisfying process of trimming edges of screen.

By the time the door, with new screen, is back on its sliders, all satisfaction is thoroughly eroded. And the sodded insects find another gap...

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