The message was not received... or was it?

Tuesday I got a message, on my work messaging service, from you that was deleted before I could read it. But, you sent it back and said "stop thinking about me", you mentioned wondering if people think of other people if they are thinking about them. I first thought was to reply "is this a plea of desperation, or an attempt to make me smile". I ended up telling you that I sent a message on Friday. You said that you had blocked my phone number. I thought it was funny that you had blocked my number. If you would not had sent the message on Tuesday I would have just said "I guess she has finally moved on". But, the fact that you messaged me for the first time in months three says after I sent a message to you that you never got. Is it coincidence or is it some deeper connection? You are saying design and I am saying it was coincidence. Either way, it does not make life any easier.

Our in person visit was fun until I talked too long.

I really think I need to note the survey that I want us to take to see if there is any correlation between when two people think about each other. I don't want to do it because it makes us both vulnerable, but I want to see that there is no correlation.

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