Aw Shit, Here We Go Again....

I mentioned it before but the bad days are adding up and they are about to break even with the good days.

Tonight was supposed to be a good night. I had an okay day at work, was happy about my day off, and then I got home. She was having a rough day, after a spat with a debt collector. This is totally understandable. I mean, no one likes dealing with those fuckheads and I get it. They insulted her and were horrible human beings, totally living up to their reputation according to the online reviews I read.

I came home, I put on a smile, and I did my best to console her. I planned a trip out for dinner and we had a weekly TV show to watch. Then came a work email, that she decided to check at 7 PM at night. She had committed a small infraction and she got a slight slap on the wrist via email. This was enough to send her spiraling. The next thing I know, I'm getting snapped at and she's storming off to bed.

I'm just about over this. I keep giving and giving and in return, I get snapped at. I get the cold shoulder and I'm starting to see cracks in this relationship. My tolerance is lowering and this could be the beginning of the end.

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