March 25, 2021

Today was more of a slow day. I did not intend it to be such but somehow I am able to have some moments to myself and not to worry about anything else.

I woke up early again today because our cat was crying. But it is really unclear what he wants. The mapping of cries and appropriate actions is not yet well-defined. At first, the cry was about shit that needs to be shoveled. But the crying continued. So, I wonder what happened to the toilet. He returns and exits the toilet every so often. So I started cleaning up the toilet and do a complete overhaul. Remove all the litter, cleaned it, dried and put in new stuff. It worked somehow. But I could not sleep anymore.

Tomorrow I have a make-up class in the early morning. So I am going to turn in early tonight. I am ready for the class tomorrow and after the class, I have to move on and od other things.

Today I also am halfway done with a book on cheating in educational settings. It is really well written and I was impressed by some of the clever techniques for cheating in exams. I was also very happy that some of the things I have used before have some support in the educational research literature when it comes to deterring cheating. The only thing I have not solved very well and likely will never solve at all is to encourage students to read before class and attend class with something on hand or in mind. This is a bit hard for a technical subject but I need time to think more about this issue.

I also went to the doctor to get some medicine for our cat. That allowed me to decompress as well. I wanted to buy some caneles from the bakery nearby but the last three were snagged by another buyer. Try again next time.

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