March 27, 2021 (Part 1)

I was not able to post yesterday, March 26, 2021. I was exhausted already and when I lied down on the bed, I just slept. So today I write the first part of two entries. This part covers what happened yesterday.

Our cat was not crying out loud as much as before. He also just had a seizure about 8 hours ago. It is unclear to me whether or not he is improving. So far, the time between successive seizures has been about 69, 64, and 76 hours in between. I need to gather more data.

Yesterday, I had quite a long day. I had a make-up class early in the morning. I was surprised to see more than half attending it. I recorded the session as well for those who were not able to show up. A student pointed out a typo, which is always a good thing! Another student pointed out an issue with my example, which allowed me to make a finer point. Again, this is a good thing! Then, I walked back to the main campus with my PhD student discussing publication plans for our paper and his papers, along with some discussions about how rampant publication may actually be harmful. I then grabbed a coffee from our local artisan and met with a colleague and her daughter at the location. We had some good conversations.

I then went back home to cook lunch (fish again) and then went on to do some work. I created another exercise set that took more time than I wanted. I think I must have spent 7 hours to make the exercise set as I wrote down guide questions rather than having it very short. I also set up some R code for exploration of the least squares algebra and to show some issues with using pre-programmed packages. The exercise set feature what can be an annoying matrix algebra question involving subgroups in the data. I used some brute force approach that took some of my time as I wanted to confirm my intuition and wanted to spare students from an annoying exercise. Thankfully, I was able to find a shortcut and it led to a better solution. But it did take more time than I wanted to give. The good thing is somehow it is now embedded in my mind.

During dinner, there was a conversation about cheating in educational settings and how to deal with it. I was also reading a book about it but I am still chewing on the chapter on long-term deterrents.

The last part of the evening went into an online meeting with co-authors on an issue that has vexed us for quite some time. It is amazing how solutions just come out, but then it takes time. I have some more things to do related to this project and let us see where it takes us.

I was exhausted by then. I lied down in bed researching the vaccine. A lot of information, both good and bad, is out there. It is definitely difficult to sort them out.

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