March 28, 2021

Woke up around 100-200 am because of the cat crying. I am not sure what he wants and I got very pissed off.

Slept again but sleep was so-so. Not much work today except for thinking about exam questions. I extended a squid balls in fish stock dish by adding some misua. I also cooked some braised pork as I have some remaining braising liquid.

Today our cat was particularly in need of touch. He approached me multiple times for his daily dose of touching and comfort. I know this does not sound right...

The day went by extremely fast and I am not sure why. In times when I desperately need some time, the time slips away so fast. Tomorrow we have an engagement very early in the morning. Hope it turns out well.

I need to turn in early. So I am preparing myself and then hopefully I can have some good sleep.

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