March 29, 2021

I woke up early today as we have to queue up for a complete physical. The hospital we chose was quite decent. It seems unavoidable to have some visitors and patients being their usual (not falling in line, shouting, not following directions), but it seems better than other hospitals I have visited.

At first, there was a consultation to determine what exactly to put in a physical. I just said everything that an old person should be checked for and it does not matter how much as long as I can use my insurance card. That is what we did and we had a sizable combo. The whole physical took about 2-3 hours. It was surreal. There is an assembly line for the physical. It seems that the concept is a centralized location for all the components of a physical, rather than the person moving around the hospital looking for the relevant departments. I would prefer the latter because that allows some way to stretch time but it assumes that people pay attention to signs. In my experience, this does not happen or it is strangely difficult to make this approach work.

The problem with using a centralized location is that not all check-up units have the same speed. That means there would be different queues depending on the difficulty of the tasks included in the check-up. As a result, you would hire more people to shepherd people along the way. I think it is easier to be clueless in this kind of situation. Most of the shepherds were very nice actually and I guess people like to be herded (unlike lambs heading to the slaughter). There was also a separate room for eating because you have to fast for some components of a physical. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

I got to school and did some admin work. Admin work takes a lot of my time and there is a new issue that has to be resolved soon. I also got some books from the library. I gave a lecture today on finite-sample properties of least square minimizers. When I came home, I made an exercise set based on the lecture. Tomorrow is going to be another full day.

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