April 1, 2021 (Part 1)

My blogging streak was broken again. I think I am quite exhausted by recent developments. This entry is for March 31, 2021.

It feels like I have not done anything yet I have been feeling the mental and emotional burden of these recent developments.

On good news, our cat has had a no-seizure run for 4 hours shy of 6 full days. But he has been acting weird. He approaches, meow-gurgles (like Donald Duck), and then when you approach him, he becomes angry (or what I interpret to be angry).

I tried the low stakes assessment approach to evaluating progress of students. I have also been clear that students should work on them in class independently. Yet I have found duplicated solutions. This is annoying. Low stakes assessments mean that you get credit for just trying. These assessment can be plentiful that no one assessment can "overpower" the others. Collectively, the assessments only take 10% of the grade. This is as low stakes as it could get.

I gave feedback for the low stakes assessment I gave. That means going through about 120 answers and noting every mistake made and giving feedback as a whole. This is extremely time consuming. It is unclear whether it is worth it. Perhaps from a ideal teacher standpoint, it is. But from a practical viewpoint, it seems more straightforward to just give lectures, give exams, and click your way through the entire course. I am not sure if things will change for the better. Something has got to give.

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