April 1, 2021 (Part 2)

Today, I woke up early to deal with two things. Watch a webinar and conduct a yet unconfirmed interview. Time zone differences mess things. I made a mistake sending an email for the interview. I also made a mistake remembering the date of the webinar.

So this means that tomorrow I have to wake up early again to catch this webinar. God I hope it works. Also the interview is on for tomorrow.

I was so exhausted this morning that I slept through the morning. I woke up almost around lunch time. I wanted to further decompress while waiting for some movement on the recent developments I referred to earlier.

I have watched (on and off) someone go through Final Fantasy 7 completely in under 9 hours. Of course, many skips here and there. There really is so much research that is done to get these optimizations depending on the objective of the play. A lot also requires understanding the pseudo random number generator at play. It is quite impressive the amount of time one invests to cut corners.

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