April 4, 2021 (Part 2)

This entry is for April 3, 2021.

I mostly ignored the cat cries. I am not sure whether he is just vocalizing. This gave me some more time to sleep but still I woke up around 530 am or so. But I was still not at 100% (well not even 50%). So after doing some light work, I went back to sleep. I woke up around noon to eat something and then slept again.

Our landlady dropped by or shall I say knocked quite heavily on our door while I was sleeping. I woke up suddenly. She was hinting on increases in rent for the next year. She claims that the agent has been bothering her about increases in real estate prices and rental prices around the area. If this is true, then I should also be less polite to this fucking agent. I sometimes approach the agent and give her some potential business. I know that these potential business do not necessarily pan out but I guess I expected some sort of reciprocity. I guess the goodwill is not worth the agent fee of half the rent from the first month.

The landlady argues that she is doing me a favor because her increases were not too unreasonable and that we should look at prevailing rental prices when the rental contract is about to expire. She argues that the agent only wants the intermediation fees and we have been living here quite well and would not want to move, especially given the number of things we have. She has a point there but the unit facilities are breaking as time goes by and we have been fixing them on our own dime and she left most of her furniture (which we do not want) here. I guess the small increases (relative to market) in prices can be thought of a "rent" for letting her things stay here.

After the landlady left, I spent most of my time sleeping because I am still exhausted from the previous day. This is on top of the weight of the week. I woke up around 5 pm. I feel a bit better but I still need some more rest and sleep.

I had a talk with my family later in the evening and it was fun. Our conversations have changed to health, insurance, and popular people (which depends on the generation) who got COVID. The rest of the night was spent leaving some streaming videos of people doing stuff. This is essentially white noise, but there are some interesting things that people do and share with the world.

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