April 5, 2021

I woke up around 1030 am. I really needed my beauty sleep. I then proceeded to cook. I reheated some leftover braised pork, which I may have left too long on the burner. Thankfully, there were only a few last pieces of pork. I reheated some fish stock and tried to make the flavor a bit deeper. I also experimented with something I saw from a channel streaming some random recipe/cooking show playlist. I had some spare beef leg muscles with meat and I tried to put in a lot of those leftover and awkward remaining spices and sauces. So I dumped all of the remaining star anise, some rock sugar, some flying fish eggs (some sauce from Taiwan), and some white miso into the braise, as an experiment. It turned out strong and tasty.

After lunch, I continued with reading some of the material on plagiarism. I have to design a seminar related to this topic and I thought the responsible thing to do is to understand the broader aspect of this topic across different fields. I must admit I was occupied by a lot of topics related to plagiarism for quite some time and this has contributed to my tiredness during the week. It is a fascinating but draining topic to really understand.

I also have been updating my webinar viewing and listing out the activities for the next months. I also have been updating my link dump. I do not think you will ever be bored in this world. There is just so much to do. What is more interesting is to find ways not to do things.

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