April 6, 2021

Today I was woken by our cat's cries once again. I woke up around 530 am. I needed more sleep. After some annoyance, I then proceeded to get as much sleep as I could. We are going to the doctor around 9 am.

Surprisingly, the cat was silent during the journey. But he was stiff, afraid, and on guard when I tried to coax him out of his cage. He had to get medication for some "insects" externally and internally. He was pissed by the time he is being forced to ingest some tablets. He is even more pissed when I asked the doctor to cut his nails.

I dropped by the bakery intending to buy their nice fusion pastry: pickled vegetables in a hybrid Asian/Western bun with edamame. Regrettably, this will only be available around 11 am. So I picked the usual hotdog in a pastry, tomato basil bagel, garlic flavored roll, and pain au chocolat. We then returned home. The cat was still very quiet during the trip home.

Most of the time was spent cleaning up some slides for an application I intend to discuss in class. The point is to give empirical examples of some very theoretical stuff I have been illustrating. I also set up some more refined Monte Carlo simulations to illustrate some R programming.

This took most of the afternoon and then I proceeded to check a student's deferred exam. The performance was not bad relative to those who took the exam earlier. This took some of the time for the evening.

I have to sleep a bit earlier to deal with an early task tomorrow morning. I have also been reading something more research-related rather than admin-related.

Today was also a special day for the university as it is the centennial celebration. I must admit I did not care so much. I do not have enough of a school spirit. I wished they could use all the money to improve the parts of the university that do not necessarily get displayed in front of people who would not know any better. But then, what do I know?

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