April 8, 2021 (Part 2)

This is my entry for what happened on April 8.

I woke up early again. I did not have a lot of sleep but overall I feel much more rested than the previous day. I started a bit more early and I tried to answer some questions and requests left by some students. This took some time. I also was rethinking my exam questions. I cooked some bacon and eggs as I needed to get rid of some bacon in the fridge. Blanching the bacon first removed most of the salt content of the bacon, but there is a Chinese sausage-like taste to the bacon that could not be removed.

We then went to have lunch with a couple of colleagues and had quite a conversation. This took about 2 hours or so. Then, I went home to pick up my ID so that I could go to the hospital to pick up my health report. It came in a sealed folder and nicely designed. It also gave a suggested meal plan and exercise plan for me. So I have some health concerns which I have to deal with soon. Picking up the health report was easy but getting a doctor to explain some parts of the report took a longer waiting time. The whole thing took about 2 hours or so. When I got home, I did some more work for related to the make-up class and on the exam questions. This work took a lot more time than I thought.

I skipped dinner just so I could have a start at my attempts to address the issues raised in the health report. I have been doing steamed seafood these past weeks but the problem is likely the salt flavoring. I should shift to vinegar-based dishes or rely a lot on aromatics.

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