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BOOOOM!!! Great, thank you very very much for this incredible update. You just openend a wide area of new usecases for SN - it will only become more important to me. Keep it going!

Evernote refugee here. In complete agreement with everything that you guys stand for. It's a breath of fresh air in the age of bloatware and an utter lack of respect for privacy. I gladly purchased the Extended package.

Keep up the great work all. This is something desperately needed in this new age of "people as product". Thanks very much for all you do.

I love that Standard Notes is not only useful because it's private, but because it's versatile. The Extended Plan let you create a blog, upload files, use a spreadsheet editor, and so much more for less than a cup of coffee that I don't drink anyway.

Finally something cool and worth paying for. Thanks.

Wonderful progress. With the updates in 3.0 I finally feel comfortable moving from Evernote to something simpler, more reliable, and more secure. This application is clean!

Keep up the good work. Don't compromise on the security and simplicity. You cannot solve every use case and in the age of complexity people seem to want more. Keep it simple, focused, effective...I got extended of course, built my own sync server on AWS and I will happily pay continuously.

The simplicity and security of Standard Notes are a dream come true. Also, an inspiration for other developers to follow this path.

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