Komi Can't Communicate (Part 2)

I'm not sure but the anime left a lasting impact on me and so, it led me to want more of it. I winded up finding the manga through a library app that allows you to have access to digital copies. I was surprised to see myself go through this effort for an anime but I honestly don't regret it.

I read a few volumes since they're relatively short and I found the experience very relaxing. Although I like to make jokes for others to be at ease (though I admit, I laugh at my own jokes heh), I tend to have very serious and very focused thoughts that can literally make me hungry from the amount of energy I am using up. I'm not a big fan of escapism hence my avoidance of social media and trying to delay gratification wherever possible. Alhamdulillah. But there is something really like about escaping into the world of a plot like the one in Komi Can't Communicate.

The manga reveals more of her growth in her quest to manage her social anxiety. I felt a deep sense of admiration for the character who despite her internal struggles, she manages to push ahead for her goal to make new friends and build closer bonds with the ones dearest to her. You can see that her wish to connect with others and spread her care for humanity drives her to face her own fears.

There's a moment that really stood out to me and that was when a friend of hers, Rumiko, admits to Komi that she has a crush on Tadano. Rumiko inquires if Komi also has feelings for Tadano which she has deduced based on their interactions. To my surprise, Komi not only confirmed this but managed to teach Rumiko a beautiful concept of not backing out of your feelings for someone just because you aren't sure if there is a chance it could work. This really showed her sincerity in encouraging her friend to be herself and that there is no competition between them. Komi even goes as far as acknowledging the natural jealousy they will feel but that it does not have to break them apart.

This is Komi, who still struggles to even ask questions written down on a notepad and who frequently regrets what she says or fears being misunderstood. Despite this, she managed to identify the various emotions both she and Rumiko might be feeling, and she expressed her true care for Rumiko which turned out to be mutual.

I was taught this concept myself of not basing your feelings for someone off of the reciprocation of it. Although it's difficult at first, it can be very liberating to accept this part of yourself that loves someone even if the feeling is mixed with fear of rejection. Rumiko even mentions how she feels much lighter by simply accepting how she truly feels about Tadano and her fears of losing her friend, Komi.

I genuinely enjoy reading the manga whenever I get some downtime after my tasks. It feels like a nice reward just to see Komi's development and how she is very brave in striving towards her goals despite her inner struggles. I like to see the healthy relationships that are present in the manga, as well as the way each character slowly learns to accept themselves and accept their own struggles to communicate.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. But sorry Rumiko, Komi and Tadano is the only option. It feels weird to enjoy these things but it's nice to do so, too.

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