Sales Kickoff

Notes from Today:

Today was January 17th, 2019. Lockstep Technology Group sales orgnaizaiton had a one day sales kick off. The goal of the day was to
highlight the sales statgry and the techniques that the sales team can use to sell Lockstep.

The day started off with an opening presentation from Charlie Van Pelt, Lockstep's VP of Sales. He talked about the following year, and
sales that were made by the company. He broke the sales down by, Services, Agreements, and Product sales.

James Harden, one of Lockstep managing partners, reviewed his analyics tools. He is taking data gathered from liquidware labs, and injusted
into Azure, then visualized throught Tableau. He reviewed the lifecycle tools, to help companys gain control of there IT. The dashboards
that he is building, repersents CPU queue lenght, VLANs and Networking Anaysis, and organizational information such as budget, IT tickets,
and hardware EOL.

Ken Dreon, another one of Lockstep managing partners, reviewed the stragtic way presenting Lockstep solutions. He talked about the four
quadiants of Lockstep, Evoloe, Secure, Manage, Analze. He talked about how selling from these concepts, ties back to our assesments,
managed services, and other Professioanl Service offerings. He also talked about the vendor offerings and how the vendorings, are very
point and they are harding to build back to the quantiants, rather than starting at the quantiants.

To end the day, the Lockstep team, gave there pitches. This was a 10 min overview to review the sales messaging from each of the reps. The
big stand out was how different everyones pitch was. The messaging that was suppposed to come accross was the ability to show the customer
that lockstep partners with customers in there infrastructure. We solve businesss problems with Technology Solutions. Everyone wants to display
the customeers with worked with and the case studies we have done. I really wanted to talk about who we are, what we do, and how to work with us.
We always want to ask for the next step. How do you want to proceed to get our engineers back into here.