Day 2

Computer science is about solving problems. I don't know a lot about computer science. I am trying to learn more. Maybe then I'll be able to solve more interesting problems.

I work in technology, but I have no formal education in technology. I am going through a process of self-education, for which there are an incredible number of online resources and books for which I am greatful. But it is still a lot of work.

I have taken introductory computer science courses online. I have completed a number of beginning and intermediate programming courses. I am at the point where I am ready to start learning data structures and algorithms, and my lack of knowledge about these topics is limiting my growth as a programmer.

I work as a systems engineer, not a software engineer, and traditionally in my line of work programming has been limited to scripting, or absent entirely, but I think that is unfortunate, and clearly the way of the future is going have systems engineers do more software engineering as a part of their job role - they may become less relevant, if they don't. I embrace that mindset, perhaps best represented by Google's SRE model, and I want to be able to work in that way fully. So, I study.

I am working on dedicating about an hour a day, more if I have time, to learning programming and computer science. I primarily write in Python. I really enjoy what I am learning. I hope that someday I'll be able to write complex and efficient automation scripts and even develop applications that manage the operation of large systems. I don't really know why I am interested in that, I just am. It's a strange area because that isn't a single place to go to learn it. You can take courses in systems or in traditional software development, but the marriage of the two is still a new thing in a lot of ways. Or at least it seems to me.

I come from a Windows background (originally), though, and perhaps the most fruitful work in this area has come from Unix culture. I am still new to Unix (well, been using it the last 1-2 years) and I still have a ton to learn. Maybe my questions will be answered as I keep learning about Unix and computer science.

The important thing is to make a practice of it, daily, as I am also planning to do here with my writing.

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