Day 5

Writing this on my phone, on a bus. First time I didn't have time to write at home, so I will try this option out.

I have a lingering thought about vaccines rattling around in my head. Something that so often gets missed, in my experience, in the anti-vax debates is that you don't get vaccinated for your own sake. People analyze this decision as if it's about their right to not vaccinate their child, to avoid some perceived risk to their child. But that's not quite right. Of course that's a part of it, but not even the most important part. The reason you get vaccinated is to support herd immunity. This helps protect everyone in society from a virus from spreading broadly and becoming an epidemic. Most importantly of all, it helps prevent the most vulnerable of society from becoming sick, such as those who for legitimate medical reasons cannot be vaccinated. Or to protect those most at risk from death from routine illnesses like the flu, such as the elderly or the very young.

So in my view the decision not to vaccinate ones child is actually a selfish act that disregards the responsibility we have to one another in virtue of living together in a society.

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