Day 6

I listen to podcasts nearly every day. Usually on my commute, but at other times as well. They fill the gaps of time in my life.

Mostly this is good, but for me it's easy to fall into this as a habit and allow myself any time for pauses in my day, a kind of mental whitespace that makes life go a little smoother.

I've only recently become aware of how important these pauses are for me and my mental health, and now I'm trying to include them more intentionally.

For a typical workday, I meditate for about 10 minutes when I first wake up. Then, after working for 2 hours, I take another 10 minute break. Then, I take a 30 minute lunch break 2 hours later, and then an afternoon 10 minute break 2 hours after that. I don't have any specific times for whitespace in the evening, but seeing as how it's free time anyway, I don't see that as a problem, really. Frequently I will journal, which can fill a similar role. Although, I think the best whitespace is when I am actually free of distraction, not doing something while also listening to a podcast.

Podcasts can become addictive, or conversely, whitespace can be uncomfortable when you are not used to it. I tend to move in a sinusoidal fashion with this, periods of more or less podcast listening. Right now I'm at a maximum, so maybe it's time to ease off for a while, and just enjoy some silence.

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