Day 8

Yesterday I did a digital sabbath, meaning that I abstained from using most digital technology for the bulk of the day. This wasn't complete strict - I allowed myself the use of trivial things, like my digital watch. I also allowed a couple moments of cheating on my laptop to access information to allow my day to go better - checking of a restaurant was open, and getting a recipe for cooking dinner - but otherwise stayed off all screens all day. I checked my phone briefly at the end of the day to make sure no one needed to be in touch with me. Other than that, things were analog.

I've done this a few times before, but this time stood out to me as more beneficial than in the past. I have gotten quite caught up and addicted to checking my phone, checking the news in particular, and doing this is a nice way to break the cycle. Additionally, there are certain activities in my day that I rely on my phone as a guide or aid for (guided meditations, a running app that tells me when to run/walk and for what duration). Yesterday I didn't have those, which required me to be a bit more independent, and I had really good results. Normally my self-guided meditations are scattered, but this one was good. And my run is normally tough, but I changed it up and managed to double my current distance - notably, I learned that having an interesting course without repetition and doubling back on the same are keeps things interesting and makes it easier to keep going.

Finally, I skipped my daily writing session yesteday, which I am OK with. I think I will make this my normal Sunday routine! At least I will try it again next week.

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