Day 9

9.0 - I've been thinking lately about study and the role of study in my life, as a kind of intellectual practice. This takes the form of reading books about topics I'm interested in, and writing, and reflecting, and choosing quotes or passages as a form of commonplace booking. It's a good practice, and one which I made a way of doing more regularly in my life. Especially on the writing side, but also on the reading side, I often get impatient, because it can feel like writing things down by hand is so slow. But it's important, and it's valuable, and it helps retain memory of the concept at hand much better than typing, and I actually enjoy it. I think the sense of impatience really comes from a refusal to accept that learning just takes the time it takes. It's no more complicated than that.

9.1 - Learning is really important to me, and I might ask to what end. The obvious answer is that it's important simply in and of itself, and that is true, as far as it goes. But there is more to it than that. Another answer might be that my goal is to understand the world and how it works, and how that's a satisfying and interesting thing to me, and that is also true, as far as it goes. A third answer might be that it's a method of self-development, just like meditation, or exercise, or career. I think that might be a missing piece that I haven't fully conceptualized just yet.

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