Day 11

11.0 - Morning rituals and habits are important to me. This writing habit is one of them. I also have a meditation practice, and try to do some of my physical therapy exercises as well. Lately I have been re-evaluating my whole schedule: sleep and wake times, break times at work, the time I take for lunch. I have settled on something that I quite like, and having a set schedule makes it easier to know if I'm doing the righ thing or not. My sleep time is late enough that can keep my schedule roughly the same for weekends as weekdays, thereby avoiding social jet lag, and early enough that I can get up early enough for work during the week. I am happy with the result of my experimentation. I will soon have to run and catch a bus for work, and I don't think I'll have time for breakfast though, so, you can't have everything. I have to prioritize what I do in the morning. But as it happens, this writing exercise, even if it's just 5 minutes, is something that I choose to do. Each day I feel a more confident writer, and each day I am able to articulate my thoughts slightly more clearly. Practice makes perfect.

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