Day 12

12.0 - I bought some cereal the other day, eager to have some the next morning for breakfast. When I did, I was met with a sickly sweet quality that only an American cereal would have (I'm American, for the record). Consulting the back of the box, I found this one had 17g added sugars, and 18g sugar total, per serving, not including the milk. That's like half a soda, or something. Anyway, it was way too sweet for me, like I couldn't even enjoy it, and I think I'm going to have to throw it away, because I'm trying to eat less sugar right now anyway. Just wasn't thinking about it.

12.1 - This reminds me of an interesting dynamic though, that many Americans who have travelled abroad have probably experienced. Spend a week in Europe or Asia, and come back to the US, and much of our food will taste ridiculously sweet, after having been acclimated to a different food system that doesn't use sugar in the same systematic way. Many items, like the above cereal, you probably wouldn't want to eat, after adjusting to something different (healthier, probably).

12.2 - Learning a career/job lessons this week. Not all of them fun, exactly. I'm in a position where I'm having to do things I don't want to do, or do things that are important in the sense of work politics but not important to me. I understand this is probably the situation of a lot of people, but I've been fortunate enough to be able to focus on what I wanted to do and learn at work for a few years. The change is jarring and difficult to stomach. Like the cereal. But I will try my best, and try to have a bit of humility about the situation, and get out of it what I can.

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