Day 13

13.0 - I am very caffeine sensitive. If I have too much, I can feel pretty terrible. However, working in a modern office can easily promote too-much-caffeine consumption. Thus I pay close attention to what I'm drinking. I often order half-caff drinks in coffee shops. Sometimes the barista will mishear this as "half and half", and instead make me a full-caff breve latte, which is kind of funny. I guess this is why they sometimes call it a split shot latte. But really, who calls it a half-and-half latte anyway? Just say breve. I digress.

13.1 - I want to learn C programming! I was reading the intro of a C book last night in a bookshop, and it seems really fun. And like a really good learning experience. C is sometimes called a "systems language" and that makes a lot of sense to me. I think having a basic working knowledge of C will take me a longway. I'm working towards having competency in all the domains of computing that strike me as important. I am a generalist, and I think that's what I'm missing. I don't need to go all the way to the level of expertise that would be encompassed by a computer science degree. But I want to have fluency in all the relevant aspects of computer science that I encounter in my work, or in the work of developers I work with.

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