Day 16

16.0 - I did not skip writing on day 15, but merely chose not to publish it. Some things I prefer to keep private.

16.1 - I am in the process of getting back into the board games hobby. In the past I've always been led into it by friends, who were the ones with all the games. But this time, it's on my terms, and I'm thinking critically about what I actually like best. I picked up the The Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game, which seems really promising so far. Not only is it challenging and interesting from a puzzle perspective, but it's great solo, which is what I want right now. Also, of course, the lore is fantastic! (So is the art).

16.2 - As a result I've picked up reading the LotR again. I read it once way back when the movies came out. But I'd like to read it again. LotR LCG is based directly on the books, rather than the movies (thank god) so both feel like they fit well together. In a weird way, reading the books makes me feel like I'm getting a bunch of lore to better understand what's happening in the game. It's.... fun.

16.3 - I am excited to explore other games as well. I have had mixed results with D&D 5e, but I am interested in Pathfinder, and I just discovered that Pathfinder 2nd edition is coming soon! In a matter of months! I want to pursue that! I think I showed up in the right place, right time.

16.4 - I want to introduce my girlfriend to games. She is open to it. She likes card games, and I think I'm going to start by playing Star Realms and maybe Splendor with her. We'll see how it goes! I'm hoping I can show her a world of gaming that isn't dominated by party games and teenage boys who don't shower.

16.5 - I should look at what comic cons are coming up! etc, etc. Basically, as you can tell, I am excited to be rediscovering a hobby that I care a lot about.

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