weekly blog: 02

I have been working on the review and essay about Donna Haraway’s vision and theories based on different sources by or about Donna. The way it’s going now isn’t ideal, it takes much time because of following connections so far that I’m losing focus on what I’ve been writing about. I’m gaining much information, which disadvantages in losing touch with my writing purpose. The result of this is that I have numerous of small pieces of writing, varying in facts, opinions and ideas. The pieces aren’t useful on their own and are missing connections between each other in order to be linked together as one.

This is not only a writing issue, it’s something I deal with as a designer too. The difference is that within my design practice I get challenged by connecting findings together and think in solutions. With writing I’m losing overview and end up in a continuous loop of thoughts that eventually get more attention than needed.

I’m adding the topic of writing as a fourth learning goal. This will probably the goal that needs most attention and asks for awareness of the risks of personal qualities. (I believe my positive qualities are my negative or less positive qualities too, example: I care for details, this can lead to working part of a design out into perfection, with as risk to lose time in completing a full design with the same perfection)

I’m starting this goal by taking a step back from continuing writing on Donna Haraway and find out how I can improve my writing process.

To do:
1: process of writing
2: complications of process
3: solution to complications
4: apply solutions

note to self: no need to overthink, it’s only a small factor that doesn’t need hours to be figured out.

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