breaking the continous loop of thoughts

Talking about insights and opinions of my process helps me to stay reminded of the essence of a project and putting it into perspective. Despite the fact that I attach great value to this, I also think it is important that I regain confidence in relying on my own strengths again. I realize now that I'm feeling blocked by myself due to lost confidence. I don't want to fully exclude discussions with others because it's still helpful to put findings into perspective and it gives me fresh energy to continue with. A solution that I am going to explore is to start writing about my process. I'll be using this blog as an output to share writings with myself, so that I have a fixed place where I can come back to whenever I feel like I'm losing overview. Not only will this be helpful for the research on my ancestors, it will also help me finding a working structure to hopefully continue on, or at least give insight in what works for me as a maker. Creating a blueprint of structure that is applicable to future projects isn't what I mean to achieve. It would not be realistic and is disadvantaging to the creative process. The exploration of writing what's on my mind is meant to test options that help regaining grip and to get a better understanding of what happens when I lose it and what I can do to find it back.

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