Dominic Cummings: Boris Johnson's brain

So Cummings, his wife and young child, drove from London to Durham while both he and his wife were infectious. If his child didn't have CV19 at the start of the journey they did at the end, after 5 hours in a car with two people who definitely had it. And, again, it's a 5 hour journey, with a small child in the car: they definitely stopped on the way at service stations, and definitely took the child to the loo, probably infecting lots of other people. And they made this trip so his parents could look after the child, because of course child-care is not available for senior government advisors in London. His parents must be in their 70s, and therefore extremely vulnerable. Looking after a child who was now definitely infectious. What sort of person would do that to his own parents? He's either a psychopath, too stupid to live, or both.

How could he?

He should be sacked. But of course he won't be. How can Johnson sack his own brain? OK, it's not a very good brain, but it's the only brain he has.

And of course lots of people will look at what Cummings did and think 'well, if he can do this, why can't I?', and of course this means people will die. How many people has he already killed because of his arrogant stupidity? How many more people will now die because people think it's OK to do what he did? Perhaps Cummings, who thinks he has self-taught himself to 'postgraduate level' in maths (no, Dom, you haven't: you're just a crank) would like to run a model to tell us? No, of course he wouldn't, even if he could, because Cummings, Johnson and their loathsome colleagues and enablers do not care about how many people die. They are entirely happy to let any number of other people die – including their own parents – and dance on their graves so long as the party goes on and they don't get blamed for the deaths.

Well, here's someone blaming you for the deaths.

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